Saturday, December 18, 2010


I don't even know what model this unit is anymore. With the wedding expenses we had to pay for back in 2005, it was all I could afford. But I was bent on finally having a camera phone then. So, I bought this unit.

It was the same phone that I was using while getting made up for church, the one where my groom's messages about being nervous that day are still stored... to this day. Well, he did text that he's sure I'd be the most beautiful bride ever, too. Our only picture of him carrying me on the threshold of our hotel room was also taken by this phone.

And can you believe it, I still have this phone. It's served me well in the five years that I've had it. And for the most part, I didn't think I needed a new one.

Except now.

Now, I want a Nokia C7 but I can't afford it. I am a stay-at-home Mom who just gave birth to her second child. We have priorities to take care of first. But I really want a Nokia C7 because of so many reasons, possibly trivial to others, but are real and serious ones for me:

1) I need to embrace touch screen technology.

2) And have a phone that will allow me to maximize my postpaid plan. I'm addicted to Plurk and Facebook anyway.

3) Plus, I blog.

4) And attend blogger events that require pictures. I can't keep bringing my DSLR to those.

5) And I'm a Mom of a preschooler and infant. Not only do I need C7 to help me capture magical moments, it will also occupy less space and weight in our baby bag when we go out.

6) I also plan to lose weight starting next year and run in the Mommy Milkshake marathon. I could use a Sports Tracker like what hubby uses to monitor his jogs.

7) This can be my push present. Technically, it's the husband who should give me one but he's already springing for our son's christening next week. We really have priority expenses at the moment.

8) Should I win it, and my hubby desires it, I'd readily give him my prize because he's the biggest blessing in my life. Bringing a twinkle in his eye is the least I could do for him.

9) And how else do I expect to raise techie-savy kids if their parents don't have the latest Nokia has to offer?

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