Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Not an SSS Member

That was one thing we failed to do again for my last pregnancy: collect social security benefits pertaining to maternity. Before, I was enrolled with GSIS and they did not give maternity benefits to their members. SSS, however, does. I remember, a Mom who gave birth around the same time I did got P15,000 in maternity benefits.

We could have really used a similar sum this time, though I know a lot will depend on my employment status and the premiums I pay. Still, I haven't become an SSS self-employed member ever since I quit my government job. The most we did was have me declared as hubby's dependent in his Philhealth and TIN.

I wonder though if SSS offers disability benefits to its members. Maybe it isn't yet late for me and it's still wise to become a member.


Anonymous said...

mec! :D yup, SSS provides disability benefits to members. may nakuha ka ba sa philhealth or hindi kasama ang maternity dun?

Mec said...

Parang walang maternity benefit ang Philhealth, parang discounts lang nga up to a certain amount when you get hospitalized