Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Sick Mommy on Christmas

In the midst of having to wrap some last-minute gifts, research on my father's travel case for smoketip ecigarettes queries, confirm RSVPs for my son's christening and pack for our stay at my in-laws, my system went down and it gave in to migraine.

For the record, I am not a headachey and gastric person. So, I am not used to headaches at all, least of all to migraines. But there it was, December 24, driving me insane with every light I see and sound I hear. And it pretty much came about from a lethal combination of sleepless nights, holiday stress and allergic rhinitis.

Come Friday night, I was already barfing. Everything. So I had to miss Christmas Mass with my family. And I could only really get up around 12 noon the following day.

I am still sniffling right now. Nasal drip is so bad, sigh. Good thing Yakee seems to have forgiven me already for the lousy Christmas day... and Yamee doesn't care just yet.

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