Friday, December 10, 2010

UP-PGH FMAB: Yay or Nay?

We have already enjoyed UP-PGH's Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAB) because my sons' pedia has been holding clinic there since October and that's where we take my newborn. In fact, we're going back there for his shots on Tuesday as well as for Yakee's primary complex consult.

I was even surprised and happy that a blogger event was held there yesterday to help create buzz about FMAB and how it not only houses the creme de la creme of Philippine medicine but also offers all the latest medical technology.

When I was searching for what FMAB stood for though (as I kept forgetting), I came across this article and felt a little bothered.

It's true. Because I can afford it, I like the idea of a clean, air-conditioned waiting area when I go or take my child for checkups. And as a mother, I LOVE the idea of not having to look very far should I need to seek a specialist for my child. You see, our pedia is a pedia-neonatologist and he will be sharing the pediatrics complex with a pediatric dentist, a developmental pedia, a pedia pulmo, etc. I'm sure you get the picture. That is such a great convenience, isn't it? And these are UP-PGH doctors which I really consider to be the best in the country by virtue of their training attending to UP-PGH patients. Plus, I bet they'd be all breastfeeding-friendly at least.

I can just gush and gush and gush.

However, I greatly respect Dr. Jose Gonzales because he was my late nephew's surgeon and is very well-respected by even Filipino doctors abroad. So he must have a clearer view of the bigger picture here. Me, I am only being selfish and thinking of what's convenient for me.

Then again, I had assumed, after seeing all that space for private clinics, that the privatization of the FMAB will help subsidize the operations of PGH. And I was willing to be a paying customer because I thought it would contribute to free medicines for others. Plus, at least doctors will be more available to those who NEED them while also being able to earn a living.

My pedia still charges his usual rate. I really hope the same will hold true for the other doctors holding clinic there and that the FMAB will not take away from PGH's earnings. I also can't think of how exactly but I also hope the FMAB will actually bring in more money to PGH.

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