Saturday, December 18, 2010

Valentine Clothes for Christmas

Well, since I am really bent on having us all wearing red on Christmas, I might as well have us wear them again on Valentine's Day 2011 for some photo opps. I do look great in red, if I may say so.

But when, oh, when do I shop for them?

I just hope shops will carry a lot of red polos for my hubby and son. And I hope I can find a red onesie for Yamee (and maybe a wee Santa hat). I already have red tops care of Corsierre and Eden so I just really need to shop for them.

When, oh, when do I shop?


On a related note, I wonder when Yakee will start making up things and initiating greetings for such special occasions? I can't wait to receive a Valentine on February, or get flowers again for Mother's Day.

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