Thursday, December 16, 2010

Wish Come True

One of my dearest fantasies as a child was to become a mother and have my Mom take care of me and my son like what my grandma used to do for all her grandkids. She made a practice of staying with each family with a newborn. I don't know how long she stayed or if she was really hands on with each child but I at least had that impression. And thus, the fantasy.

Then, my parents migrated abroad before I got married. And even when my mom arrived a few weeks after I gave birth with my firstborn, she was really rather busy to stay put. She did wake us up so she can bond with my son but she'd immediately have to hand over Yakee because she had errands to do.

Now, she's back again and still busy. But she's also staying put more and has even taken it upon herself to teach Yakee table manners. And I can leave Yamee with her. She'd even sleep with Yamee on her chest. My father has even bottlefed Yamee my EBM and has made Yakee laugh with glee by giving him piggyback rides and playing basketball.

This morning, it filled me to overflowing to hear my mother's loud singing and humming to Yamee. My sons will never really enjoy my parents all the time but I am glad for these moments. Really thankful for these moments.

And somehow, all my old (and petty) resentments over their parenting are washed away... and/or forgiven.

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