Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year, Same Security Issues

It's a new year, folks... but my security issues as a stay-at-home Mom are the same. I've sort of gotten a free insurance quote from my friend and it seems hubs has also been talking to one of his friends. Our friends are agents, or life planners, from different insurance companies.

So hubs and I have started to compare quotes. We are leaning towards the one offered by his friend since we can use it as collateral for a home loan, which is really something I want to make happen this year. I know money for the housing loan won't just fall off a tree right into our pockets but gosh, oh gosh, I really hope we can finally make that happen!!! Incidentally, I've just realized that getting a home loan this year will not necessarily mean we will be transferring to our own home. Oh, but gosh, do I really want to move out of parents' home already!

We've also been going back and forth about getting an education plan for the kids or not. Our friends also offer these and mine even gave me an insurance explanation of what they offer. I am, however, dubious as to the practicality of getting an education plan since most usually aren't enough to cover tuition fees anymore by the time you need them. Then again, it's not like we have enough funds for investing in T-bills or something like that.

Hubs' company at least covers minimum health insurance but we also should address our health issues so we won't ever need to use our HMO cards. Like right now, it sucks to have been sick all throughout the holidays.

And insurance payments for our car is also up. But hey, you can't bargain with security, right?

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