Monday, February 28, 2011

Launch of DOH's Breastfeeding TSEK

Wednesday last week, I had the privilege of attending the Department of Health's launching of Breastfeeding TSEK (Tama, Sapat at Ekslusibo) at Century park Sheraton.

Breastfeeding TSEK is all about DOH's renewed vigilance to promote exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months for every Filipino child to avoid childhood diseases like diarrhea, obesity, and infection. The guest speakers repeated what I have already written about in an article I wrote for POC, that 16,000 infant deaths every year can be avoided through breastfeeding.

The Breastfeeding TSEK event was attended by a lot of government officials, with districts even represented, so it was really an event that made me hopeful of more positive changes for breastfeeding promotion and support. The hosts were Gladys Reyes and Daphne Osena Paez. I also got to meet Ms. Rissa Mananquil and Audrey Zubiri.

host Gladys Reyes (who also has a 3-month old like me!)

photoslide of Stanley Ong's photos for the MDG-F photo exhibit

kids singing during the photoslide

the Breastfeeding TSEK logo

One other cool thing was hanging out with my LATCH friends and finally meeting Dra. Silvestre (one of the more staunch breasfeeding advocates and my pedia's colleague). Check out how fab we all are :)

haha, still trying to assemble ourselves here, check out how cute Jenny Ong here is (she also has a blog post on the Breastfeeding TSEK launch)

Gladys Reyes and Audrey Zubiri are in the middle, plus other people and us LATCHERS and Velvet of Arugaan

breastfeeding advocates, from left: Ana Ongpin (Eensy Weensy Baby Spa), Velvet Escario-Roxas (Arugaan rep working with DOH/WHO to train peer counselors all over the country in a project they call Breastfeeding COMBI:Communications Behavioral Impact on Breastfeeding Action), QC Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte (who once employed the services of LATCH to conduct a breastfeeding talk for moms in Payatas), Buding Aquino-Dee (of Corsierre, Blissfulbabes and Eden), Jenny Ong (breastfeeding wear and accessories seller at Fab Naima), Jen CC Tan (of Next9 ring slings, pouches and diapers and Mom Exchange and me (who should really stop posing like this, haha).

My friends are nice, they tell me I'm in their league because I have two breasts that breastfed, like them. But these women are some of the movers and shakers of breastfeeding advocacy in the country. I am still learning from them.

Oh... love the t-shirt I got from Breastfeeding TSEK. It's way too big for me but I am loving the shade of pink. I have also asked hubby to wear my pink baller at the Run United to show people he's a breastfeeding advocate too :)


Department of Health.... let's reach our Millenium Development Goals on
1) poverty and hunger
2) universal education
3) gender equality
4) child and maternal health
5) environmental sustainability


Friday, February 25, 2011

My Boys are Lean

Yakee is lean. He eats well enough but since he's a fan of vegetables and fish and seldom binges on food (plus, we offer fruits or crackers, very seldom junk food), he stays lean. Plus, he's a very spirited boy.

Relatives are always commenting on his lean body. I'm not really worried though. I figured, once he's grown up and has really discovered the joys of eating or eating a lot, he'd balloon like us too. I just hope though that he doesn't start taking bsn nitrix in his teens, while his body is just developing, just to add heft to his body. He can be a body builder, if he wants to be one, when he's fully an adult.

And yes, I just hope he won't end up obese like us.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Streak

There was this recent news story abroad of a father reading to his youngest daughter every night till said daughter was leaving home for college. Every night, even if one of both of them were doing something else, they'd go home just for that ritual of theirs. The deal was that the father had to read to his daughter at least 10 minutes and that it had to happen before midnight, every night.

I loved it. I see some moms eager to teach their kids to read so they won't have to read to their child anymore, and it sorta makes me sad. See, only when I'm really angriest or we're not at home do I skip reading to Yakee before bedtime. And even when he's reading already, I really hope I'd continue reading to him... or we could read to each other.

So, I sort of started The Streak too... but am kinda lenient about it. I just have to read to him every day... so now, I try to read to him in the morning or afternoon, so that even if we fight in the evening, I'd have read to him already.

Someday, when he understands better, I'd tell him this. And heaven help us, if I end up honeymooning with hubby alone, or he goes to camp somewhere... let's hope there's a cellphone signal :)


I should read more of the classics to him I think... but he knows soooo many books already anyway that I really don't worry.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Still Blooming

There was a time when felt I couldn't afford Body Shop products with tea tree oil for my acne. Now, I know I can afford them but because I've been having kids, don't really need them.

I still have a sort of pregnancy glow. My acne, when they come, don't stay long nor grow too big and ugly. I also think moisturizing helps, of course. So, I may be getting wrinkles from the stress of parenting but I, at least, can wear makeup now without it becoming cakey.

Now, I just hope I need not revisit acne cures again when my sons hit puberty. Even if they are boys, I'd still rather they don't become as pimply as I was.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mommy Diaries Bazaar in May

I shouldn't be quivering with excitement at the thought of the Mommy Diaries Bazaar because first, I won't be a consignee. Another, it will cost me. And yet another, it's still in May!


But I am excited. And this is something that I think will allow more mompreneurs to sell their wares, unlike Expo Mom that doesn't allow some competitors.

I know Eden Maternity will probably be there... but since they're already opening their own showroom and I intend to go.... maybe I'll just really buy kids stuff at the Mommy Diaries bazaar. I wonder if there'd be affordable matching outifts there...

Oh, and I really do hope my SIL will sell her wares.

Feeling Fab Momma

Shared this photo of me in Facebook and friends are teasing me that I was never pregnant in the first place and congratulating me for losing all the weight. Some are asking me what my secret is too. Well, I guess the strongest diet pills are nothing to breastfeeding and hormones, because they're really all I can credit with the 45+ pound-weight loss.

And it's not like I don't have appetite now because I actually feel faint if I don't eat meals and snacks.

Ahh... I must not get complacent though and start exercising and dieting. I need to be healthy, not just trim.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Trial Class at St. Michael

I think the best anti wrinkle cream could be seeing your child play nice with other kids. And yes, not really because it means the child knows how to interact but because you feel validated with your parenting and are scared it's a reflection of you. And yes, it shouldn't be the case but it's the truth for me.

I guess it helped that Yakee was the oldest in the class, filled with mostly 2-year olds so he knew better than to fight with them over toys. He was intimidated though and refused to play without me by his side, except for the sandbox area. He also liked helping fix the table for the snacks and packing up.

I am also grateful that Taichi, a Jap boy took him under his wing and would grab back toys from the others if they took it from Yakee. He also always made sure Yakee had something he has, like a marble and a wooden spoon. They also played in the makeshift house. They were really able to relate with each other even if they speak different languages.

Taichi later on fought with Yuma though over who's going to collect the placemats after eating. In the end, another Jap girl did it because the boys and their moms had to process the fight first. Hehe.

I am really excited about the summer class and hope Yakee will be accepted in day care.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Summer Workshops Are Calling

Museong Pambata is offering art classes this summer. St. Michael Playhouse will continue having their parent-child program and day care. Lozada and Aqualogico will hold their swimming lessons and Futbol Fanatics will have their soccer classes.

All kids with can-afford parents will be busy! I'm thinking that should replenish Yakee's art materials and just buy Best Buy stuff at National Bookstore.

Too bad camp is not yet that popular here, but I believe there's a camp in Subic for kids interested in water animals.

And I... well... I hope to also do something this summer.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Affording Dreams

We have many goals this year but are being intimidated by the cost of each one. Makes me really want to go work abroad since motorhome repair and gardening, as well as caregiving, will help us earn more there than here. Not that I am really working.


Well, I've told hubs not to worry anymore about Yamee's birthday because I will take care of eveything. Now, I am pressured and I think that's good. I need that stress to be productive... so we can live the life we want and afford those things we know we deserve.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unhappy Valentine

I told Yakee we're going on a date, that he's my date and that Yamee is her ninang's date. He was excited.

But when we got to the mall, he kept an unending plea to buy everything he sees, mostly junk food and more toys. He wasn't like that before and it grated on my nerves, all the whining and tantrums... that when we were just buying pizza to take home, I really told him our date sucked.

Now, he slept with us not being in good terms due to his inability to comprehend that he's hurting us when he dives or steps on us. And hubs is downstairs, slaving away and using his it degree to keep his job or get a better-paying job. Because the truth is, we are going to spend more and more as the boys grow.

I just hope though that the it degree that has led to the Technical/Operations Manager job won't take hubby away from our daily lives that he wouldn't have an input on Yakee's discipline.

while playing with his magnifying lens
Yakee: Mommy, where is your heart?
(I really wanted to tell him that he's it)

while cuddling with me earlier
Yakee: Mommy, who bought me?
(I thought a long time)
Me: I did.
Yakee: Thank you Mommy, thank you for buying me.


The day wasn't all that bad but both Yakee and I really failed each other several times. The day could have ended on a high note.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Yakee Playing

I am watching Yakee play right now with his brick sets. They're not his Lego ones but they make robot and truck-looking things. I am watching him play using his hands, wondering if he'd be a perfect fit for Hobbes and Landes' Lego program someday... who knows, he may even grow up making modern furniture or home decor... or well, toys :)

Hopefully, like play dough, these toys help with his hand dexterity and develops his brain.

Now, I promised him five minutes and I'll play with him, so I must go.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Cannot Run Yet...

... but ah, it's real great to dream!

Anyway, the Run United 1 for 2011 will have an ActiveHealth Village and if I can go, I'd definitely consult my varicose veins which I feel might need more exercise or medical care.

Meanwhile, am I not rocking my Infinitude here?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Unprepared Mommy

All this time I thought I was a generally cool, carefree Mom who lets her boy be a boy. But when faced with a real playground with lots of monkey bars and high slides and long seesaws, my heart started racing for my son.

It was great Yakee didn't budge when I said the other slides were too high for him. But when he saw his friend Zach (older than him by 2 weeks) climbing up the many steps of the high slide, he followed suit and I knew I shouldn't do anything anymore but remind him to be careful.

But I was such a helicopter Mom, I kept cheering and reminding them to be careful! Shucks, no wonder my son doesn't have enough confidence doing some things. Sigh.

But I still let him go and have his fun.

I really need to remember that I am a Mom of boys. They need some dirt and scrapes in their lives. They also need to conquer fears and make their mothers worry.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Yakee Opening Doors

Gone is the time when I can leave Yakee for a while downstairs and be sure he'd just stay put. Now, am thinking of getting new handlesets, one that he can't easily manipulate, to buy some more time before he gets opening it again. I'm just scared that we might have scenarios again where he'd lock me out or he'd go out and wander on his own. Plus, what if somebody comes knocking and he opens the door and gets kidnapped?


Thursday, February 3, 2011

When I Was Senti

Just around the time I was giving birth to Yamee, I wrote these...

click on the picture to view better

The circle of love, hope and faith continues.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mara Clara Making Me Cry

My main motivation for watching the soap is the fact that I never got to watch the original one, which ran for 4 years I think.

Anyway, I just cried along with the moms and Mara. It reminded me again of an article I once read of two mothers having their boys switched. One was rich, one was struggling. When they realized the mistake, they both wanted their biological child but also didn't want to give up the boy they raised. In the end, they decided to keep the boy they raised and just meet regularly.

Put in the same position, I don't think I can also give up the child I raised, the one who kept me up at night when he was an infant, the one I held when he was sick, the one whose scent and feel I know. But even if my biological child ended up richer than we are, I'd still want him back. And if he ended up poorer, more so I'd want him back.

Can you imagine your child not affording doctor visits, hospitalization when they need it, food to eat, education... the list is endless.

Thank God hubs was there at both of my deliveries and we're sure our boys were not switched. Plus, they look so much like us.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Online Shopping

One of the reasons I haven't been a fan of online shopping is that am mighty scared of electronic pickpocketing. And then came Paypal, wich is very secure and makes shopping online tempting.

And then came Multiply which became the Philippine's online bazaar. You can pay via bank deposits and stuff are ordered within 3 days, wherever you are in the country.

And now, am always at it because am either raring to look more fab or slightly depressed. Heaven help our pockets!