Monday, February 28, 2011

Launch of DOH's Breastfeeding TSEK

Wednesday last week, I had the privilege of attending the Department of Health's launching of Breastfeeding TSEK (Tama, Sapat at Ekslusibo) at Century park Sheraton.

Breastfeeding TSEK is all about DOH's renewed vigilance to promote exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months for every Filipino child to avoid childhood diseases like diarrhea, obesity, and infection. The guest speakers repeated what I have already written about in an article I wrote for POC, that 16,000 infant deaths every year can be avoided through breastfeeding.

The Breastfeeding TSEK event was attended by a lot of government officials, with districts even represented, so it was really an event that made me hopeful of more positive changes for breastfeeding promotion and support. The hosts were Gladys Reyes and Daphne Osena Paez. I also got to meet Ms. Rissa Mananquil and Audrey Zubiri.

host Gladys Reyes (who also has a 3-month old like me!)

photoslide of Stanley Ong's photos for the MDG-F photo exhibit

kids singing during the photoslide

the Breastfeeding TSEK logo

One other cool thing was hanging out with my LATCH friends and finally meeting Dra. Silvestre (one of the more staunch breasfeeding advocates and my pedia's colleague). Check out how fab we all are :)

haha, still trying to assemble ourselves here, check out how cute Jenny Ong here is (she also has a blog post on the Breastfeeding TSEK launch)

Gladys Reyes and Audrey Zubiri are in the middle, plus other people and us LATCHERS and Velvet of Arugaan

breastfeeding advocates, from left: Ana Ongpin (Eensy Weensy Baby Spa), Velvet Escario-Roxas (Arugaan rep working with DOH/WHO to train peer counselors all over the country in a project they call Breastfeeding COMBI:Communications Behavioral Impact on Breastfeeding Action), QC Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte (who once employed the services of LATCH to conduct a breastfeeding talk for moms in Payatas), Buding Aquino-Dee (of Corsierre, Blissfulbabes and Eden), Jenny Ong (breastfeeding wear and accessories seller at Fab Naima), Jen CC Tan (of Next9 ring slings, pouches and diapers and Mom Exchange and me (who should really stop posing like this, haha).

My friends are nice, they tell me I'm in their league because I have two breasts that breastfed, like them. But these women are some of the movers and shakers of breastfeeding advocacy in the country. I am still learning from them.

Oh... love the t-shirt I got from Breastfeeding TSEK. It's way too big for me but I am loving the shade of pink. I have also asked hubby to wear my pink baller at the Run United to show people he's a breastfeeding advocate too :)


Department of Health.... let's reach our Millenium Development Goals on
1) poverty and hunger
2) universal education
3) gender equality
4) child and maternal health
5) environmental sustainability


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