Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mara Clara Making Me Cry

My main motivation for watching the soap is the fact that I never got to watch the original one, which ran for 4 years I think.

Anyway, I just cried along with the moms and Mara. It reminded me again of an article I once read of two mothers having their boys switched. One was rich, one was struggling. When they realized the mistake, they both wanted their biological child but also didn't want to give up the boy they raised. In the end, they decided to keep the boy they raised and just meet regularly.

Put in the same position, I don't think I can also give up the child I raised, the one who kept me up at night when he was an infant, the one I held when he was sick, the one whose scent and feel I know. But even if my biological child ended up richer than we are, I'd still want him back. And if he ended up poorer, more so I'd want him back.

Can you imagine your child not affording doctor visits, hospitalization when they need it, food to eat, education... the list is endless.

Thank God hubs was there at both of my deliveries and we're sure our boys were not switched. Plus, they look so much like us.

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