Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Streak

There was this recent news story abroad of a father reading to his youngest daughter every night till said daughter was leaving home for college. Every night, even if one of both of them were doing something else, they'd go home just for that ritual of theirs. The deal was that the father had to read to his daughter at least 10 minutes and that it had to happen before midnight, every night.

I loved it. I see some moms eager to teach their kids to read so they won't have to read to their child anymore, and it sorta makes me sad. See, only when I'm really angriest or we're not at home do I skip reading to Yakee before bedtime. And even when he's reading already, I really hope I'd continue reading to him... or we could read to each other.

So, I sort of started The Streak too... but am kinda lenient about it. I just have to read to him every day... so now, I try to read to him in the morning or afternoon, so that even if we fight in the evening, I'd have read to him already.

Someday, when he understands better, I'd tell him this. And heaven help us, if I end up honeymooning with hubby alone, or he goes to camp somewhere... let's hope there's a cellphone signal :)


I should read more of the classics to him I think... but he knows soooo many books already anyway that I really don't worry.

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