Monday, February 21, 2011

Trial Class at St. Michael

I think the best anti wrinkle cream could be seeing your child play nice with other kids. And yes, not really because it means the child knows how to interact but because you feel validated with your parenting and are scared it's a reflection of you. And yes, it shouldn't be the case but it's the truth for me.

I guess it helped that Yakee was the oldest in the class, filled with mostly 2-year olds so he knew better than to fight with them over toys. He was intimidated though and refused to play without me by his side, except for the sandbox area. He also liked helping fix the table for the snacks and packing up.

I am also grateful that Taichi, a Jap boy took him under his wing and would grab back toys from the others if they took it from Yakee. He also always made sure Yakee had something he has, like a marble and a wooden spoon. They also played in the makeshift house. They were really able to relate with each other even if they speak different languages.

Taichi later on fought with Yuma though over who's going to collect the placemats after eating. In the end, another Jap girl did it because the boys and their moms had to process the fight first. Hehe.

I am really excited about the summer class and hope Yakee will be accepted in day care.

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