Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Unhappy Valentine

I told Yakee we're going on a date, that he's my date and that Yamee is her ninang's date. He was excited.

But when we got to the mall, he kept an unending plea to buy everything he sees, mostly junk food and more toys. He wasn't like that before and it grated on my nerves, all the whining and tantrums... that when we were just buying pizza to take home, I really told him our date sucked.

Now, he slept with us not being in good terms due to his inability to comprehend that he's hurting us when he dives or steps on us. And hubs is downstairs, slaving away and using his it degree to keep his job or get a better-paying job. Because the truth is, we are going to spend more and more as the boys grow.

I just hope though that the it degree that has led to the Technical/Operations Manager job won't take hubby away from our daily lives that he wouldn't have an input on Yakee's discipline.

while playing with his magnifying lens
Yakee: Mommy, where is your heart?
(I really wanted to tell him that he's it)

while cuddling with me earlier
Yakee: Mommy, who bought me?
(I thought a long time)
Me: I did.
Yakee: Thank you Mommy, thank you for buying me.


The day wasn't all that bad but both Yakee and I really failed each other several times. The day could have ended on a high note.

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