Monday, February 7, 2011

Unprepared Mommy

All this time I thought I was a generally cool, carefree Mom who lets her boy be a boy. But when faced with a real playground with lots of monkey bars and high slides and long seesaws, my heart started racing for my son.

It was great Yakee didn't budge when I said the other slides were too high for him. But when he saw his friend Zach (older than him by 2 weeks) climbing up the many steps of the high slide, he followed suit and I knew I shouldn't do anything anymore but remind him to be careful.

But I was such a helicopter Mom, I kept cheering and reminding them to be careful! Shucks, no wonder my son doesn't have enough confidence doing some things. Sigh.

But I still let him go and have his fun.

I really need to remember that I am a Mom of boys. They need some dirt and scrapes in their lives. They also need to conquer fears and make their mothers worry.


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