Monday, March 28, 2011

The Advantage that's a Disadvantage of Technology

Do you remember a time when you will meet with friends at a designated place and time and you will do everything in your power to be there at the exact time since there's no way of letting friends know you'd be late, or they might think you're not coming anymore and go on without you?

How about going on a trip on a convoy with your family and just really following the lead car?

Nowadays, people can give warning beforehand that they're already there, will be late, or are stopping. All they have to do is whip out their samsung cell phones and text or call. Good, right? However, it also allows for less diligence to stick to the plan. You're at the meeting place 5 minutes before the agreed time and instead of waiting and staying put, you text all the others to text you if they're there already and you'll just go to this shop or that, or finish errands. On the way, you start suggesting this and that and plans change. The time it takes to assemble lengthens.

So, I really hope I train myself to stick to the plan like I used to, and then train my kiddos the same way. We can change the plan when we're all together already. Time wasted (and all the energy texting and calling and consulting) is time wasted.

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