Monday, March 21, 2011

The Boys Are Okay

Yamee had vaccine shots last Thursday. I decided to have the doctor check on Yakee's eye too, even though it looked like it was resolving itself already, and had Dr. Mantaring listen in on his lungs too. I am still a little concerned about the primary complex thing even though Yakee's eating and thriving overall. I trust or doctor's judgment but just because Yakee didn't have it in December doesn't mean he won't get it somehow ever. Our air is dirty that way, hehe.

Yakee's only 13.5 kgs. while Yamee is now 7 kilos. (The scales at the clinic tell me I am 63 kilos which is about 139 pounds. The scales here at home tell me I am between 140-144 pounds.) At that age, Yakee was only 6.4 kilos so just maybe, Yamee will be a little bigger than his Kuya was. Let's see how he fares with solid food.

Yamee didn't cry over the shot :) And when I told the doctor that we suspect Yamee to be teething, he told us he (normally) cannot possibly be at 4 months old. Then, I told him that Yakee had teeth at 4 months (and Kuya also didn't cry over the rest of his vaccines). So, the doctor told me my sons are weird, hehe. Nice weird :)

That well-baby visit cost us almost P4k but it's really one of those times that I think money is well-spent because I know I need not worry and that I am validated for my efforts.

Sometimes, it's so easy to say, "The boys are fine." but you only realize how wonderful that is when you have had a sick child. And I thank God my boys are okay. They're okay!! :)

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