Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake Scare

I was out shopping for clothes and diapers for my sons when I got a text from hubby asking that I go home as soon as possible. The earthquake that happened in Japan today is currently scaring everyone here as all are on tsunami and earthquake alert.

I felt a little panicky when I realized we don't have a working flashlight at home. I have to make sure there are some snacks and water and light in the house, in a bag, along with our important documents. It is kinda great that office supply is the furthest thing from my mind... and I thank God somehow that I am still breastfeeding (which wouldn't amount to anything if an emergency strikes and I am separated from Yamee) because it ensures clean food for my sons. Yes, both of them.

Let's all pray that we are not next... and that Japan and New Zealand recovers soon.

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