Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If We Had To Do Our Weddings All Over Again...

My mom friends and I have been chatting on FB about our weddings and what we'd do differently if we could do it again. Mind you, we're all generally happy about how it turned out but still, there are little things in hindsight that we could have improved upon.

Like me, I'd have gotten Cecilio Abad instead and just begged for mercy on the price, rather than travelling to and from to Tet Hagape's :) Then, we'd also have invited less people, and maybe really did that breakfast wedding & reception thing and just throw a party after the honeymoon.

I still would have gotten Unity Coins instead of hunted high and low for Morgan silver dollar because I like that our arrhae had all those marriage tenets stamped on them.

Oh, I also wouldn't have bought so much liquor for the guests, insisted more on RSVP and maybe had our reception at that ballroom because the garden at PICC just proved way too big :)

But i'd definitely have married the same man. I can't imagine anybody else being the father of my kids.

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