Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Managing Finances

I used to manage a monthly cash flow statement. Then I stopped doing it.

Then, for a time, I monitored my spending by listing down daily expenses. I thought it a great money management help to be able to actually track which things we spend on that are not necessary. It was mostly Starbucks frappes, haha.

But now, we have so many expenses ahead of us. Yakee will have his usual swimming lessons (which we deem very important) and we're pushing through with summer parent-child school at St. Michael. Then, we're having him also try football.

That's just for the summer.

If I figure out a way to commute to St. Michael, we'd be enrolling Yakee in their 3-day, half-day day care program too. Then, there will be our birthdays, a possible family trip to HK with hubs' side of the family... and Yamee's birthday. And then, there's the home purchase we're shooting for... and the daily expenses of a 2-children household.

Do I need a personal finance software or what?

Oh... and have I said I intend to take some classes too?

So, wish me luck managing our finances and say goodbye to all the junk food we're buying (mainly, chocolates, cupcakes and ice cream). :)

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