Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Plight of Moms in Japan

sharing here my friend's FB alert


No wonder i feel so lethargic during the day..Not even nine in the morning and we already have 3 pretty strong after shocks in my prefecture. Tap water in Tokyo is not safe for infants that they are now distributing bottled water to households with babies.Many kids in the Chernobyl disaster developed cancer months or even years after drinking milk/water spiked with radioactive iodine but thought to be safe level at that time. Imagine the anxiety of mothers now who can't even wash milk bottles with running water thinking it might give their precious children thyroid cancer in the future..?

Tsubasa called me last night saying,mom,send me bottled water,i can't find any in the supermarkets,sold out despite a limit of two, two-litre bottles per customer.

Earthquake is something you can feel,so you know when it's coming and hitting you.Radiation is invicible,making it so scary and hard to fight,making people paranoid. Just yesterday, they announced not to eat cabbage,spinach,cucumbers and a lot of green leafy vegetables grown in Fukushima and my place cos they tested positive and so farmers are suffering a lot too. I had to throw away the cucumber i just bought the day before cos you don't wanna take the risk. Vegetables grown from other areas deemed safe are not selling well too cos people are afraid.

And yeah, i just saw that they are distributing free bottled water in some parts of my prefecture too that tested with high levels.They distribute them to every household tho,not just those with infants.

After shocks,radiation and food/water shortage..Life goes on...

** oh mec i thought of you when i saw those moms worried faces wondering if the water they drink will also affect their breastfeeding babies and asking if they can bathe them too. tsubasa is an adult and im worried for him but just thinking of those young mothers with small children breaks my heart.thanks again everyone..:-)

Japan is one of the countries with a high breastfeeding rate. My friend there says that you really do not get to leave the hospital without knowing how to breastfeed. If you want to formula feed there, you will have an option of two brands at most, usually just really used for babies with special cases.

But indeed, what of breastfeeding moms drinking contaminated water? How will this affect their babies?

And what of young children already eating solids... what water will they use? How long will this go on? How far will it spread?


Please join me in praying for the people of and in Japan. Radiation is a monster that they could do without.

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