Monday, March 14, 2011

Praying for the Japanese

With so many displaced, some of whom are probably injured, I really hope the Japan government has trained its people well to go to Centers for Medicare as soon as they need assistance. They may not have to evacuate like those living in the nuclear power plant or in the tsunami areas but just cleaning up after those aftershocks (almost 300 already based on the last resport from CNN I saw) can result in injuries.

My friend has even said that the first thing they cleaned were the broken mirror after their mirrors and TVs fell during a particularly strong aftershock.

I also understand that the health care provided in Japanese can easily compete with Texas Medigap and the like under normal circumstances. But what's happening to Japan right now is so far from normal. It's so scary and guilt-generating, watching and praying for those in Japan while at the same time thanking God it's not us, it's not here and that it ends in Japan.

I'm wondering though if the Japanese will start paying for Medicare Supplemental Insurance like what sort of happened here after Ondoy... or their government will just really shoulder everything.

I am, however, really amazed at the efficiency by which they have handled such a catastrophe. I know the room for improvement is there but even video feeds do not show so many people, as they have been able to evacuate properly. Even the United States didn't lack their calm and coordination.

I am really praying for Japan... that support will be found, less lives will be lost and that they bounce back stronger than before. Like they did after Kobe.

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