Friday, March 4, 2011

Scatterbrained Mom

It was sale at Baby & Company at SM. I knew I did not have much cash on me but I still kept shopping for cute polo shirts for my sons and was planning to charge them instead.

Then, I realized I did not have my credit card with me. I stopped carrying it because I always end up buying stuff for my sons when they already have enough. Plus, I was waiting for the Eden launch :)

I left my purchases by the counter and tried to look for an ATM bank. Unfortunately, the ones by BPI (for Express Net) are capturing cards and no good. BDO is not accepting my Land Bank card... and when I tried withdrawing using my EON, I forgot the PIN (which I haven't changed to my customary PIN).

I was sooooo annoyed. Good thing LBP was nearby so I just walked there to withdraw money. I still had to leave a dress and socks though because I didn't have enough cash still.


I spent a long time looking for my PIN info, my credit card and our dollar account passbook (which I realized I have also misplaced). I looked high and low and gave up... only to find them under our DSLR :)

Good luck consolidating all our important documents and life insurance information, yes? Haha.

Hubs says it made him want to spank me.


Anonymous said...

Mommy Mec, when's the Eden Launch? Soon, I hope!

Mec said...

They don't have a date yet... don't worry, I shall announce ever in N@W, FB and here :D