Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Before and After Being a Mom

I made sure to look for pics where I'm wearing a similar top. And yes, generally, I look good in red with deep necklines. But more than 30 lbs. (and six years) separate these two pictures so I am, naturally, more endowed in the AFTER pic.

Some days, I feel I looked better before. No fats, no cellulite, no flab. So yeah, generally, the difference is just the amount of flesh in my frame. And because of the weight gain (which I really can't blame on motherhood... chocolates, cupcakes, cookies, rice, seafood, etc pa!), I now have to invest in a more expensive wardrobe to look good. Before, I could just buy off the rack and a P300-top is already expensive for me. Now, I don't look good anymore in any top for that amount. Unless maybe, we're talking about bras...

Before, I am DELISYUS because I was sexy. Now, I am delicious to whoever I am breastfeeding.

But look at my smile! :)

All I wanted was to be a Mom growing up. And despite the tears and battle scars, I am thankful I am one. And I really felt all kinds of sexy with my first pregnancy, in awe of just how much my body can change shape while affirming the female privilege of being able to grow someone inside.

And then, there's breastfeeding... which, eventhough it made me feel like a milking cow (which it shouldn't since lactation is not just specific to cows), was something so rewarding that it allowed me to reinvent myself. And reach out to other bewbs. I mean, mothers.

And there are my sons... who will always see me as the most beautiful woman in the world (until they get married, and even then, I won't be unseated, just qualified).

So, hello... definitely I am more beautiful now. Inside and Out. I may not have aged as healthily and gracefully as I wanted but the more important thing remains: I have more love in my life. :)


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Amen to that Mec! :)