Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bye, Bye Easy Baby

I was right not to enjoy the 'easy baby' phase of Yamee so much. Because now, he has been an antsy baby who keeps us up all night. Talk about my under eye dark circles being back. Sigh.

Hubs says sometimes I actually don't wake up anymore as our wee one fusses and cries at around 3 or 5 am. Woe to him though, since he still has to go to work. Just this morning, Yamee woke me up every 30 minutes or so by kicking his father. Hehe.

Yamee also insists in being carried a lot, and seems to be affected so much by the heat (which is one reason why we don't like carrying him, but he demands it!). So, I have turned to twice-a-day baths.

The only one who can really make him laugh now is his Kuya. And much as we love him, we're really crossing our fingers that he doesn't grow up to be a moody child.

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