Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Heat Is On

Summer heat has finally come... last week, it was still generally cool. But now, you can absolutely feel the heat devouring you after stepping out of an air-conditioned room.

And because the heat is on, air-conditioners are working overtime. I'm guessing some would need to use a dehumidifier too for extended A/C use.

I am already thinking of really bathing my boys twice a day. Yakee used to do that till he started having colds all the time so I stopped bathing him at night. Yamee, on the other hand, seemed sensitive to colds and rhinitis so I have only done it once.

But the heat is on. We can all do with more baths!

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Aira of Buy and Sell Philippines said...

Hi ate mec sobrang inet nga nagyon summer hindi tulad dati. Parang gusto ko ngang sa tubig nalang tumira.