Friday, April 8, 2011

HK Scenario One: Sick Child

Hubs asked me a question the other night: What if one of the child gets sick while we're in HK? Follow up questions included 'will we still go to Disneyland' and 'who will stay with the sick child.'

I said that if it's a major illness, that's what the credit card will be for. Good thing they have good hospitals in HK.

If it's just fever and colds, and if it's Yamee... I will stay behind with him. I will, of course, not risk further infection by bringing him to where there's a big crowd. Plus, maybe it's just rest he needs.

However, if it's Yakee who will get sick, all of us would have to stay behind. I cannot care for a sick preschooler and an infant, plus, I am breastfeeding Yamee so they can't take him without me. I also doubt I can pump while there.

I just really hope though that none of us will incur any Offshore Injury. We can deal with the colds and exhaustion, and maybe allergic rhinitis, later... after we get back to the Philippines. Hehe.

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