Sunday, April 10, 2011

My Hyper Yakee

My Yakee has started on his swimming lessons with Lozada. This is his third summer in the Baby and Me program. Tomorrow, I have to bring goggles for him because his instructor is making him do slightly more advanced activities for him.

Is he enjoying it? You bet! If he was an adult, you'd say he doesn't need foods that increase testosterone because he's pure lean muscle and adrenaline! So, I really hate that it's still really cold (it rained last Monday) because my son absolutely doesn't have any fats in his body, so he's always shivering. But still, he's a happy camper. I get hurt because he won't stop kicking!

I'm a happy Mom though. And really proud because our (his and mine) efforts are paying off... he's remained happy in the water.

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