Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Parent-Child Summer Class Started Yesterday

... and Yakee spent the first half of it whining and annoying me with baby talk, because he got overwhelmed by all the other kids who arrived before we did.

He also spent the first half of it running around. And calling the teacher "huy" (which really grates on my nerves because I don't know where he picked that habit up).

But he enjoyed the butterfly and flower I made... and went home to give the flower to Ninang. And he enjoyed the sandbox time a hell lot (which is what he was itching for). And he was in good terms with all the other kids, and another Jap boy befriended him. So, he was happy.

And I trust he will learn in time to be more gently present. Scrap that. We will both learn in time to be gently present.

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