Monday, May 16, 2011

Babysitter Away For Three Weeks

My cousin, my main babysitter and girl Friday is away for three weeks to finish up all her caregiving OJT. She was already stressed packing her stuff and needed to wash the scrubs she wore to her class even because she needed to bring one to where they were going. It was too late to get her some extra discount scrubs. She also had to wash my old earth pad yesterday in time for her departure today. Good thing it's so hot, everything dried in time.

But anyway, my cousin's wife (her sister-in-law) has stepped in to help me, since I have to be away every Monday for Yakee's class. Good thing Yamee adores her to pieces. Unfortunately, this setup isn't without its challenges.

I forgot to tell her that I had extra expressed milk in the ref. She did see it but believed it was spoiled because of the color and the cream having separated from the main milk. Ahehe. Then, she also washed Yamee's feeding stuff using our regular sponge and dishwashing liquid. And she didn't steam enough squash for Yamee. Hehe. Little things I took for granted because my cousin knew these things (well, she also didn't like giving Yakee stored milk before and is still against thawing frozen milk).

But I am still very lucky. I know. And I am thankful!

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