Saturday, May 21, 2011

Better Time Management, Please!

We're actually loads better now... because we generally wake up between 7-9 AM (Yakee and I) and Yamee sleeps through the night. His night feedings do not bother me much because he just feeds and sleeps.

Yakee generally knows that it's play time after breakfast and then lunch and then tub time and then nap time. After that is play time again, snacks, play time again until supper.

But I think we'd still benefit from better time management. Just so, I can have more structured interaction with Yakee... and I can enjoy Yamee more. I just cried to hubs last night about being sad that I am missing alone moments just enjoying Yamee coo and giggle (because I have to attend to Yakee too) and being scared and sorry that Yakee is growing up more competitive for attention as Yamee grows more interactive and cute. Just the other day, Yakee was hitting Yamee because Yamee kicked his face (yes, Yamee is at that age where he likes seeing people's reaction to his kicking and slapping).

The only upside to having to attend to both boys is that I don't have to buy liporexall at all because I am usually just sweating like a pig. Sometimes, i'd shower first at night before giving the boys their evening baths... then would have to shower again after. Maybe we should just really lay out a pool and spend the day there, hehe.

Plus, I discovered that there is such a thing as Waldorf homeschooling. I am now still deciding if I'd enrol Yakee there only, or do that with another curriculum (double the pressure for me? double the expense for educational materials for us?).

Better time management, please!

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