Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blessings as a Mom

My kids are healthy and generally happy. We went to Expo Mom today and I also couldn't help but realize that more than half of the things sold there, I don't need... and the others, I don't want. Or, I already have. Or, have/do something better.

I have a great husband and partner who is involved in child-rearing and who doesn't undermine my discipline... respecting that it is I who take care of the children most of the time so he must follow MY suit.

I have resources and opportunities that may be limited but what I do have allow me a comfortable life.

Luxuries like a DSLR cam to document our everyday, and this notebook I am using which doesn't fail. (You see, my SIL is now reading netbook reviews because their laptop has been failing them)

Lots of books to occupy me and my sons... and bring us to different times and worlds and minds.

Lots of food for the soul... even if most of them fatten me up.

I have good health... and even better friends. I also have much to live for. I am blessed. Truly.

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