Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Excited Over Eden Again

I just saw the pictures of the latest Eden Maternity collection and they were fab! Well, I didn't like the shade of some of the colored stuff as they were muted instead of vibrant... but I am still liking the reversible yoga pants, shorts, the pocket dress (such a summery look!) and the Glamouflage (which I can't afford, hehe).

A fellow N@Wie, who has a small business printing birthday party stationery, is also digging the new collection :)

I also like the Athena maxi dress but since I really seldom have need for a dress, I am not considering daydreaming about it. I am reconsidering their Eiffel dress though since I recently saw someone wearing it and found it really flattering.

Sigh. If only we're not scampering for tuition money!

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