Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Learning Moment for Me

I met with a breast friend, intending to see the new Arugaan Day Care at PIA. We agreed to meet for lunch first at a Veneto Restaurant. Yakee adored Velvet at first sight and in less than an hour, he was already in her arms and she was making him taste parmesan cheese in his palms.

As he was dusting the cheese off his hands, he accidentally knocked over the parmesan cheese container and it fell on the floor and broke. Normally, that would have generated a "Yakee..." from me, said in a sad, disapproving voice. But Velvet was quick to reassure him and even prompted him to say sorry to the cheese and then to say goodbye. Then she matter-of-factly told my son, "It's ok, that sometimes happens. We're sorry for the cheese."

I think that moment endeared her more to my son... and it was really a learning opportunity for me. Here I am, hoping to embrace Waldorf and homeschooling, but how have I been handling my son's blunders and mistakes?

I like to believe that I am not the worst Mom there is... and that I am actually slightly better than the average Mom. But oh, I have so far to go. This week found me unable/unwilling to go online because I am trying to master my son's discipline some more... and that basically means learning patience and self-control myself, and spending more time with him so he need not force attention for himself.

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