Thursday, May 5, 2011

My Sons and Their Eyesight

As I was feeding my infant his pureed carrots, I mentioned to my cousin that I really hope my sons won't end up like their Dad who needed prescription glasses at such a young age (high school). If it were up to me, I really hope they'd inherit my 20/20 vision and that all the technology in the world right now won't affect them. After all, a 20/20 vision does seem to be a pretty tall order for kids now who really grow up with TV sets, gaming consoles, computers and every other portable digital screen... like cellphones!

Speaking of glasses, though, I came across $6.95 prescription eyeglasses and I just had to research on it if it was a good deal or something with a catch. Then, I found out it was Zenni Optical glasses (Zenni was in the recently) which I keep forgetting to tell my husband about. We usually have to go to Sta. Cruz for his eye wear and he recently paid around P4k for his latest pair. If we order from Zenni, we could have a pair at a fraction of that cost... kinda like getting a good deal from a Groupon site. You have a great array of frame styles to choose from too.

Maybe I will keep this tidbit in mind for my sons, if and when they need prescription glasses. Meanwhile, I hope tons of vegetables in their diet are doing their job.

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