Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Old Pump, New Pump

Monday... I was still able to pump in the morning before bringing Yakee to our parent-child stint at St. Michael. In the afternoon, I was preparing to pump again because I have a full schedule this week when my pump fell off the table while I was pacifying an upset Yamee... and after that, the pump was just broken.

I only have a Pigeon electric. I never thought to invest in a more expensive pump because I am a sahm and do not pump that often. But yes, that pump is now 4 years old.

Talk about being upset.

I could buy the same pump again since I'm used to it and I know it's cheap... but I had bad feelings about it. I immediately scoured the net for a replacement and by the end of the day, I have decided I want to try a manual pump this time.

So, I did.

Tuesday, I bought a Medela Harmony. And I was pretty amazed at how I managed to pump 2.5 ounces last night when I have been breastfeeding from both breasts all day!

The downside? It's kinda harder to pump while nursing because Yamee keeps trying to either eat the pump or kick at it. And Yakee keeps wanting to crank the pump for me, amazed yet again at being able to produce milk!

I just hope the pump sees me thru my pumping needs. :)

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