Saturday, May 14, 2011

Two Asthma Stories

Around two weeks ago, I finally gave in and brought Yamee to an HMO pedia to have his rashes checked. The pedia was the same one who diagnosed Yakee to have primary complex, so, needless to say, I was wary of her. True enough, she just took a quick look and said it was skin asthma. She told me to use only the mildest soap, buy a steroid-based ointment and that was it.

I decided instead to bath Yamee twice a day (yes, even at 10 in the evening!) and observe the rashes. They have improved but not disappeared. I also decided i'd just wait for the next sked with our main pedia and follow his prescriptions instead.

Last Thursday, we waited 5 hours to be seen by our main pedia. Yes, it was really rather horrendous. But out of boredom and having missed a nap, Yakee thought to amuse himself by jogging around the room (especially since we were the only ones waiting in the room, the others after us were outside). That was between 15-20 minutes of non-stop jogging. The secertary was bothered by this (haha) and offered him a candy just so he'd stop and rest. He got the candy and started jogging again.

Then, it was our turn with the doctor. Using his stethoscope, the doc heard wheezing in Yakee's breathing. Mind you, Yakee wasn't even out of breath when we saw the doctor. He could also talk just fine. But the wheezing was there. The doc even made me listen to it. Yakee has asthma... the kind that doesn't need maintenance nor medication.

And Yamee? His rashes were fungal.


Cai Sio said...

When Y had rashes last month, I just told the yaya to bathe her twice a day. Her rashes improved. :)

Mec said...

yun nga sis eh... my son's rashes have greatly improved with the 2x a day baths too