Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Waldorf Homeschooling

Like I said in my FB status.... I sometimes wish I hand't encountered the words "homeschooling," "Waldorf" and "intentional parenting. Because I always feel like I am cramming for something and I feel challenged in every way possible.

But let me backtrack a little.

The decision to be a SAHM was agreed upon even before we got married... provided we could accommodate it. Since hubs was Asst. Technical Manager already then, we gave it a go. While pregnant, I encountered "homeschooling" and something inside me just clicked. It was perfect for our setup... and well, back then, I had dreams of us being an expat family so homeschooling would really be useful and practical.

As you can see though, we;re still here in the Philippines. With another child.

Now, Waldorf... I have encountered the word many times before... but it was only recently that I thought to give it a try because the day care that we had a trial class in doesn't teach academics! For me, it jived well with homeschooling's mantra of "better later than sooner."

And then I found out there's such a thing as Waldorf Homeschooling! And someone who's doing it with her children have already made contact with me so it feels like things are really falling into place!

However, the reading I have to do is piling up, I may not be able to help my brother with the hgh reviews he wanted to look into. Turns out, Steiner was a very prolific author... and I also have to read up on making homeschooling work for us, aside from all my parenting books and activity guides so I can come up with the curriculum that will work for my family.

Wish me luck!


I sometimes wonder if I just want us to be a little elite, or different, or unique, or whatever. I mean, why make things harder for myself? Why invite these struggles?

But I realize that my I really want every opportunity for my family to be more of a family... and that my most fervent wish is to send out my boys into the great big world as emotionally and psychologically-equipped as I can make them.

After all, how else will they suceed? How else will they be happy?


irene said...

hi, mec

that's how it feel, too. we also take our son to st michael's. when we had our trial i thought "teka parang pahihirapan ko lang sarili ko dito..." and told my hubby that it would really be more convenient to just take our son to a "regular school". another thing i that some of our friends have a negative perception about waldorf/steiner method.

Just Another Woman said...

Hi Mec. How did the Waldorf Homeschooling turn out? I'm looking into doing this with my kids next school year and wanted to know if there is any school that offers guidance for us parents on how to go about this as well as provide a curriculum. Are these also accepted by DepEd? Thanks.