Monday, May 30, 2011

Withdrawing Reading

Reading is something we really love doing, my firstborn and I, and because Yakee cannot read yet, we read together.

Now, I must admit I sometimes deny him this when he's especially unruly and misbehaving. Rather than scold or spank or put him on timeout, I sometimes feel it's the best punishment or consequence of his misbehavior. Because I know it really gets to him, it's something he misses, it's something he wants back.

But I also worry that I might be reinforcing a negative association here... that he'd someday despise reading because I used it to 'maintain control.'

I do read to him in so many ways, in different hours (not just bedtime), using so many books and even as a reward sometimes for good behavior. I want him to grow up thinking that whether happy or not, bored or not, behaved or not, reading is something he can do.

And I can't exactly read to him when he's misbehaving and being uncooperative since he wouldn't feel deprived of caring and bonding. Sigh. But maybe when he's still on probation, I can choose the book instead and pick one that brings home the lesson I want him to learn. Which also means, we may have to read a lot of Tiktaktok at Pikpakbum.

And no, denying him toys doesn't really work with him. He's not that dependent on them for play, anyway.


Oh, Yakee... I really hope I am doing okay with you!

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