Friday, June 3, 2011

End of Summer

My son is now enrolled at St. Michael's incoming 'school term' (months of June to October). I, however, ended up deciding not to pursue my FSL classes (3rd level). I am intimidated by all the pumping I'd have to do and all the ferrying to and fro with Yakee. I want there to be enough time for me to take advantage of Yakee being away for a while to bond with Yamee and do some work.

It sort of feels a little sad that Yakee's going to 'school' now. I know it's a Waldorf day care but it really brings home to me that the days when I alone can provide what he needs is gone... is past... is through.

Soon, we won't just be identifying trucks but actually comparing (yes, I have to keep up and really learn!) cars and what Polaris Accessories are best for ATVs. And yes, he will be drinking beer too.

End of Summer. Not yet the end of childhood for him... but really the end of babyhood. For both of us.

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