Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Gadgets Limited

Hubs and I have been learning where to toe the line on gadgets use for Yakee. I got really annoyed when he let our son play Angry Birds one time with only "Sunday mornings" as condition because I felt it took away from actual bonding time for them and can prove too long as that would be till 11:59 AM. Good thing he was quick enough to adopt my idea of "long drives" instead to keep Yakee off his back while driving and we'd have relative peace in the car. The price of this, however, is that our son now is usually bent on the touch-screen phone instead of watching out for backhoes or flyovers with us. There goes opportunities for getting kisses.

Now, reading off the tablet PC is allowed only when it's weekend mornings or at bedtimes away from home, when we don't have books on hand. Hubs has also tasked me to come up with a playlist for our son already to listen to on long drives, so he'd get more familiarized with lyrics and songs. Soon enough, I just know it, we may be arguing Ipod accessories and requests for own tablets. Sigh.

My only rule is... gadgets shouldn't take away from actual interaction. So, when I let Yakee 'paint' at the Jackson Pollock site, I make sure I am there to still talk him through what he's doing. It's just so easy to lose them in a virtual world... I have to be vigilant.

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Jenny said...

i know what you mean Mec! N is the same. she especially loves the story chimes book set on the ipad plus the doodling things with easy erase