Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sick Kids = Sick Mom

It started with Yakee getting hives, getting better, then getting hives more aggressively which resulted in a trip to the ER, and a follow up with his main pedia.

Then, getting colds and starting to cough, and now with hives again. And the hives appeared after we were at the HMO pedia for his colds/cough. Stress!

And then Yamee exhibiting what seemed to be allergic rhinitis last Saturday. He is getting better and can eat and feed now but upon consultation with the HMO pedia, we found out phlegm in his lungs. So, now, it's antibiotics time (which, weirdly enough, he likes. But most vitamins, he hates).

But all these has cost me stress and sleepless nights... and maybe, a cookie binge. And I also had to go to the ENT in case what I have isn't allergy and is actually a virius. But alas, I lost him at 'breastfeeding.' You can actually see him want to get rid of me asap. He never discouraged me from breastfeeding, more like, he acted as if he couldn't do more than double my decongestant dosage because I was breastfeeding.

Ah well.

This too shall pass.

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