Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding at TMC

It was my first time last Saturday to handle a topic for the Best Beginnings in Breastfeeding Workshop that LATCH conducts for The Medical City every other month. Suffice it to say, hubs was my worst critic, haha, but I appreciate the support, really.

I opened the talk with my favorite quote these days:
"We make time for what we choose to have in our life." (Lucy Torres Gomez)

me doing the Benefits game with the chocolates wrong

demonstrating how to switch from cradle to cross-cradle position which would be useful when, say, one is eating

my all-time breastfeeding supporters (hubs even offered to answer questions from the dads in my breakout group, hehe

Swannie (N@wie), Ethel, Buding and me (trying out the SaYa gift from Buding)

always with a girlfriend!

I realized that I really know so much about breatfeeding already... at least, the basics. But I could use more practice in my delivery. I believe i'd convince more people to breastfeed if I can be as charming as Buding when I talk about breastfeeding. Haha. Just like what the doctor said that time, hearing Buding talk makes her want to breastfeed there and then (and she's not even a Mom yet).

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