Monday, August 29, 2011

I Survived Hong Kong

I had doubts, honestly. At the last minute, Yakee was still having some fever and we had to bring him to the ER for an ear infection scare. We also had to bring our non-portable nebulizer with us to Hong Kong.

And the lack of sleep, the late check-in time at our hotel, the walk to Harbour City... all those just really made me want to hibernate in the hotel with the kids.

But though we had to skip Ngong Pin and didn't really get to go around Hong Kong island much (or eat at Jollibee Hong Kong)... and I didn't get to go to Linea Negra as planned... we still survived the trip to two amusements parks and only Yamee seems to be the worse for wear. He's down with colds. But there hasn't been any major meltdown yet.

My roaming got busted so I really had to stick to hubs all throughout the time. Good thing I am no career woman who needed conference call services while on vacation (and good thing hubs also was spared with a lot of work-related problems). We usually got back to the hotel at around 12 midnight so the kids were really exhausted... and I normally wouldn't be able to sleep from exhaustion.

But again, we survived. I survived. I am now starting to tell our tales.


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