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Pre-Natal Pediatric Consultations Are Necessary

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First of all, I was lucky. I had a husband who did not even question my breastfeeding intentions. In fact, he was even the one who called LATCH to reserve slots for us at the first breastfeeding class they ever held (back in Malayan Plaza, March 2007). This was before LATCH's partnership with The Medical City, that offers free breastfeeding classes to would-be parents, began.

And my mother-in-law couldn't raise any objections about my breastfeeding decision either, because her own daughter would do it for four years. And my Mom, though she encouraged me to mix feed so I can still continue working, was already based abroad and didn't have much say in how I lived my family life.

So, again, I am lucky. If there were people who tried to undermine my decision to breastfeed, it was doctors who I saw for sinusitis and allergy attacks. But I knew enough not to listen when I didn't need to. I was empowered.

Which brings me to the title of this blog post.

It is not common practice here in the Philippines to 'shop' for a pediatrician before giving birth. However, aside from the fact that you will see your pediatrician more than you will ever see your gynecologist, and you will entrust to a pediatrician the most precious thing ever in your life (your kids' health), a pediatrician also has much influence over your parenting.

And that is where breastfeeding comes in. It is a parenting choice, not just a feeding option, for it will require a certain lifestyle, a degree of commitment, and a lot of compromises and sacrifices. And if you're a first time parent who do not know any better, you can easily be scared, swayed and undermined.

In my experience, many first-time moms ask "They say my milk will come in after a few days from the delivery, so what will my baby feed on till then?"

Imagine if all pediatricians (and nurses) tell these new moms to have their babies latch as soon as possible because 1) they have colostrum to offer and 2) direct feeding is the stimulation required for the flowing, mature milk to come in.

Imagine if these moms who want to breastfeed are supported from Day 1 by their pediatricians, instead of being charged formula at the nursery where their newborns stayed.

Imagine if pediatricians didn't just check your baby but also met with the parents and talked about newborn care.

And so, I hope, aside from looking for the right gynecologist, or hospital to give birth in, would-be parents would also exert a lot of effort in finding a breastfeeding-friendly pediatrician before they give birth.

Would-be parents can ask for referrals from trusted people (family, friends, their gynecologist, or in this internet era, cyber experts). They should arrange for a consultation and expect to pay the usual PF charged by the pediatrician. And they should ask their questions, after all, they are paying customers.

It would be more prudent to just tell the doctor that you are looking for future pediatricians that you can work with. Then, express your desire to breastfeed. Proceed maybe by asking them about the breastfeeding practices in the hospitals they're affiliated in, or whether they had breastfeeding training.

These two links also provide questions one can probably use, although I feel some of the approaches suggested may be too forward for our culture.

Finding breastfeeding-friendly pediatricians

Choose a breastfeeding-friendly pediatrician

Other tactics that you can use is raising other concerns to indirectly raise the issue of breastfeeding, like:

* Doc, I am really anxious about feeding my baby. What can I expect the first few weeks? What happens when I go back to work?
(if supplementation with formula is given as a ready option, then you might as well assume that any complaint from you of sore nipples or exhaustion or colds will also result in the same 'solution' from that doctor)

* Doc, we have a strong allergy history. Are there things I can do to reduce the risks of my baby getting them?

* Doc, I want to breastfeed. I'm just wondering though what scenarios will be deal-breakers with that desire?

* Doc, if it's a given that the baby is healthy, how long before you allow such baby to be roomed-in?

* Doc, what are your thoughts on co-sleeping?

* Doc, I believe some newborn babies cry a lot. What are the common reasons for that?

Yes, indirect may work better for us Pinoys... plus, you get a greater sense of what a doctor stands for that way, instead of asking questions answerable with a yes or no.

Bring your spouse/support system in this 'shopping spree' and really try to get one you know you can trust and will work with you, not against you.

I have heard enough stories of pediatricians commenting that a breastfed baby was underweight or small for his age... but most are actually referring to the wrong charts or paid to push certain formula brands.

Let's keep these doctors on their toes. Make prenatal pediatric consultations a top priority during pregnancy and reduce, if not totally eliminate, those moments when you'd be made to feel as if you're not doing enough for your child just because you chose to breastfeed.

And once you've chosen your pedia, include him/her and your brestfeeding intentions in your birth plan.


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Unknown said...

"It is a parenting choice, not just a feeding option, for it will require a certain lifestyle, a degree of commitment, and a lot of compromises and sacrifices."

I love this sentence Mec! ;-) Breastfeeding is a choice and a lifestyle talaga! ;-) So are other aspects of motherhood. :-) LOVE it! hehe.

Unknown said...

We should have read an article like this before we decided on our pediatrician for our baby. This is an excellent guide for mothers. Good job! :)

Escie bossing ni Rudy said...

Hi Sis Mec,

Very well said. Yan yung isang pagkukulang ko when I had Rylee. I prepared everything pero I didn't find the right Pedia, di naman sa di magaling ung Pedia but sana humanap ako nung confident talaga ako. Umasa ako sa Pedia ng hospital. Now I learned my lesson the hard way. Sa ngayon may mga prospect na din kasi nga mahirap na :) Thanks for your reminders :)

Keep it up. God bless

Anonymous said...

Habang binabasa ko ang post mo, naalala ko yung eksena sa delivery room nung ipinanganak ko si Rio. Pinalatch siya agad sa akin. Sinubaybayan din ang breastfeeding namin hanggang sa hospital room. :) Breastfeeding-friendly talaga ang Philippine General Hospital (PGH).

High school friend ko ang pedia ni Rio at siya rin ang nag-encourage at sumagot sa mga tanong ko sa unang mga araw namin ng breastfeeding. Maraming salamat sa kanya!

Masaya akong makasama ka sa Mama Milk Diaries Carnival (August).

handymommy said...

mec, i agree with you about assessing the pedia's thoughts on breastfeeding! your post assured me of hos blessed we are for having a pedia who supports our desire to breastfeed. thank God too for the very good policy of cardnal santos med center!

my confident n my pedia made me feel secure that im doing what is best!

Nats Velasco-Tan said...

Hi Mommy Mec!
I was highly encouraged to nurse thanks to a breastfeeding friendly pediatrician. Thanks for reminding preggy mommies how important it is to have breastfeeding friendly doctors

Jenny @ Chronicles of A Nursing Mom said...

heehee mec!! the questions should be printed out and used by every new mom shopping for a pedia! we shop around and interview ob gynes but end up getting referrals to pedias we are not even happy with and usually postpone changing for one reason or another. truly, looking for a pedia is something that must be thought about and prepared for

Anonymous said...

hi, i read your blog entry too late! i just delivered via CS last aug 11, and true enough, i was recommended a pedia that was NOT breastfeeding friendly. combined with a whole staff of nursery nurses with the same attitude, i resorted to getting up a few hours after my C-Section just to breastfeed my baby in the nursery coz they were taking too long to room in my child despite my request. my OB ended up scolding everyone in the nursery coz i wasnt supposed to get up after a major surgery, and the challenge of the nursery staff for me to get up if i wanted to breastfeed my baby that was just supposed to serve as a deterrent, only fueled my desire to breastfeed my baby even more and show them that i wouldnt formula feed no matter what. had i read this beforehand, i would have known better. thanks, i hope the next one will be able to read this on time to avoid what i went thru.

Anonymous said...

just like in college when we were taught to "shop" for a voice teacher, i really think new moms have the right to choose their baby's pediatrician. we didn't, however, chose, but we asked people for recommendations. we failed though when they said our pedia was bf-friendly because it seems she isn't. thanks for this post and i hope new moms would be guided well with this.

Inay Armi said...

This is something we didn't do when I was preggy. Good thing that the hospital is breastfeeding friendly - they impose a no-bottle feeding policy' and practices rooming-in.

My baby's current pedia though, prescribed a brand of formula milk 'just in case'. I'm still thinking if I should find another one - okay naman kasi sya despite this and mukang magiliw sya talaga sa bata. What do you think sis?

By the way, I would also like to thank you and Ms. Jenny for hosting this blog carnival! I'm really glad to be part of such an enriching experience - learned a lot from other moms too. \(^_^)/