Thursday, September 29, 2011

Less Internet Time With Phone

Half the time, I really don't turn on this laptop anymore. I just check mails and Facebook on my phone, so I won't be tempted to mindlessly surf for hours.

But since I hate typing on my Android phone, I also tend to keep my phone surfing short. Plus, it just won't do for a stay-at-home Mom to be intent on a gadget with a toddler going up the stairs to follow his older brother. More importanly, to them, I am just looking at some gadget. Even if I was working (and I'm not), all they'd see is I'm glued to a gadget.

So, I have about 2-4 five-minute checks on my phone during the day. And then I just attend to the invitation
and send attachments at night, when the boys are asleep already.

Hopefully, I can cut short my night time surfing as well... but lately, I am just soooo into clothes!


Got my period back today. Goodbye to lactation amenorrhea. Twas fun while it lasted.

Monday, September 26, 2011

How Protected Are You, SAHM?

Recently, a hot topic in my ygroups was brought about by someone's two woman friends who were suddenly left by their husbands, without money of their own. This was a wake-up call to all, especially to one-income families like ours.

We trust the husbands we married, after all. We cannot imagine them falling out of love. Some will also never think of losing them to diseases or accidents. But the truth is, its not just separation or a debilitating illness that can throw a family's financial standing into chaos.

What if my husband loses his job? What if some tragedy happens? (I am writing this on the 2nd anniversary of Ondoy)What will happen, then, to a woman like me who has kids to support?

Hubby and I have always made sure we have enough money to cover a few months of him without work, that is our insurance cash. Then, we have some savings that's also available cash. Then, we have an insurance plan too.

But that's not enough. I have realized I have really failed myself the most when I didn't make income generating part of my days. I do not regret staying home and quitting my job, but I should still have continued generating income.

I have, in some ways, but I have not made it a priority. I should, though, if only to have my own money... or if only to have that extra income to fall back on. Plus, if I really want our own house, being a stay-at-home Mom shouldn't mean I shouldn't contribute to the purchase of it.


I know we should start checking out annuity rates online again. And I should make it a priority to update my insurance records to ensure my husband and kids are named beneficiaries. And I should be more actively earning from my online/writing gigs.

It's not just about the money. It's about being empowered, it's acquiring skills, being in the loop and taking care of my self-concept. Plus, it would also help me not to overanalyze my home situation and get my validation only from my family life.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Biblical Spanking

As much as possible, I hate spanking but sometimes really feel that I have to do it.

Then, a friend's daughter asked her why she was spanking her if she loved her. That got our group talking about spanking and one of us found this blog post on spanking. She's the wife of the guy who I heard talk on spanking before at a Mommy Academy event and it was great to have this resource handy.

So, I started spanking more. For any outright disobedience.

The problem was I could never find a spanking rod so we used a big wooden spoon's handle. Unfortunately, although it didn't have sharp edges, Yakee bruised easily.

But I persevered, even if it pained me. And I spanked when angry only 1/4 of the time. That is progress.

For two weeks, I'd keep feeling brokenhearted over Yakee's marks on his behind. I didn't spank him everyday, but there were days I had to spank twice. I just gritted my teeth about the whole thing and made sure we followed the process. In fairness, Yakee would try to escape the spanking but would remind me that talking goes first, and hugging comes next.

And for several days now, I feel our relationship is actually better. And I could talk to him better and get him to cooperate better. He's more behaved, more helpful, doesn't throw tantrums as much and is somehow more open to meeting me halfway.

I am glad... and hopeful.

I really must keep changing and be more consistent to become a better Mom.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mom with Android Phone

I am super proud at being able to adjust to an Android phone.

It wasn't easy at first, you know, because I now have to text using both hands again and have to do it more slowly because of all the auto-suggests. And weirdly enough, the Sun signal is poorer in my new phone.

But it allows me to Facebook without having to open the laptop, which also means that I don't end up getting lost in the cyber world so much that takes away time from my sons. It's like I'm just texting for a minute or two and I'm there again with them!

Literally, I am feeling like such a gadget-savvy Mom, haha.

Which is why I am thinking of taking my son to the launch of Vibal's Chikiting storytelling at the MIBF tomorrow... yes, a Tablet with HDMI just may be in our future. It may be a useful tool in homeschooling, after all.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner...

... but it has to wait till after we've thrown a birthday party for the family. I have even teased family members that they should think of parent gift ideas too since it's not just Yakee and Yamee celebrating their birthdays at the bash.


I swore last year that we'll have a wonderfully trimmed Christmas tree this year, one that is tall and proud and laden with lights and decor. But now that it's upon me, I am not so sure I have the energy (and budget) for one. But we still have to have some sort of tree this year. I must be resourceful.

Other things have to be attended to, like establishing routines and new habits for each one of us so that we can make homeschooling work for us next year.

I should also really master a routine so I can mark hours just for work... because I have to earn. Our bills are piling up and our desires for our sons continue to multiply.

Christmas is just around the corner... I trust blessings are too.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Resistant to New Phones

I still have my Smart phone, bought 2005.

And I am still actively using my Sun phone, changed in 2007, I think.

I have had many opportunities to change phones. In fact, I have two other more hi-tech phones that are just gathering dust here in the house. But I am resistant to changing phones... mainly because I dislike transferring cell numbers (for cases wherein you can't migrate all of your contact info) and because I save text messages. Plus, I really don't think I need something high-end since I mostly really just text, seldom use my phone to take pictures and really don't want to invite more internet time in my life by having Wifi.

So, my Sun phone currently has some 1,000 messages in it that I am holding onto. But hubs, out of frustration from having lost his own Sun phone, got me a new one instead. He said it's time for me to finally have my own Android phone (if only to play Angry Birds in) and master using touch screen tenchnology.


So, now, he has the assignment of looking for a software so I can at least save my text messages as document files...


But I guess it IS time to make that change.