Saturday, September 24, 2011

Biblical Spanking

As much as possible, I hate spanking but sometimes really feel that I have to do it.

Then, a friend's daughter asked her why she was spanking her if she loved her. That got our group talking about spanking and one of us found this blog post on spanking. She's the wife of the guy who I heard talk on spanking before at a Mommy Academy event and it was great to have this resource handy.

So, I started spanking more. For any outright disobedience.

The problem was I could never find a spanking rod so we used a big wooden spoon's handle. Unfortunately, although it didn't have sharp edges, Yakee bruised easily.

But I persevered, even if it pained me. And I spanked when angry only 1/4 of the time. That is progress.

For two weeks, I'd keep feeling brokenhearted over Yakee's marks on his behind. I didn't spank him everyday, but there were days I had to spank twice. I just gritted my teeth about the whole thing and made sure we followed the process. In fairness, Yakee would try to escape the spanking but would remind me that talking goes first, and hugging comes next.

And for several days now, I feel our relationship is actually better. And I could talk to him better and get him to cooperate better. He's more behaved, more helpful, doesn't throw tantrums as much and is somehow more open to meeting me halfway.

I am glad... and hopeful.

I really must keep changing and be more consistent to become a better Mom.


Rissa Penkian- Cruz co-n@wie said...

An eye opener! Thanks Mec :-)

May said...

I feel that tug of pain too when I spank. Sometimes I feel the kids need it, talking to them firmly and nicely sometimes just doesn't hit home.

And then there's that pang of guilt when I spank automatically... because I know those times, the kids don't deserve it... it was just mommy being tired, or frustrated.

And I've gotten that line "You don't love me!" some of the times I spank, which hurts a lot too.

Being a mom. So damn hard. But I wouldn't trade that. I only have to try harder at being better. :D

Mec said...

ay nako... kanina I had to spank Yakee kasi sinakal si Yamee (sa gigil, not sa galit). Eh number one rule ang "no hurting anything or anyone"

pareho kaming umiiyak while talking... haay...

May said...

Wahhhhh! Isaac and Sophia din palaging love-hate hahaha.

Yung mga linyang "you don't love me," ang ending palagi ay mommy-kid talk after the spank. Intro palagi... "you know that's not true..." Hay naku haha.