Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Christmas Is Just Around the Corner...

... but it has to wait till after we've thrown a birthday party for the family. I have even teased family members that they should think of parent gift ideas too since it's not just Yakee and Yamee celebrating their birthdays at the bash.


I swore last year that we'll have a wonderfully trimmed Christmas tree this year, one that is tall and proud and laden with lights and decor. But now that it's upon me, I am not so sure I have the energy (and budget) for one. But we still have to have some sort of tree this year. I must be resourceful.

Other things have to be attended to, like establishing routines and new habits for each one of us so that we can make homeschooling work for us next year.

I should also really master a routine so I can mark hours just for work... because I have to earn. Our bills are piling up and our desires for our sons continue to multiply.

Christmas is just around the corner... I trust blessings are too.

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