Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mom with Android Phone

I am super proud at being able to adjust to an Android phone.

It wasn't easy at first, you know, because I now have to text using both hands again and have to do it more slowly because of all the auto-suggests. And weirdly enough, the Sun signal is poorer in my new phone.

But it allows me to Facebook without having to open the laptop, which also means that I don't end up getting lost in the cyber world so much that takes away time from my sons. It's like I'm just texting for a minute or two and I'm there again with them!

Literally, I am feeling like such a gadget-savvy Mom, haha.

Which is why I am thinking of taking my son to the launch of Vibal's Chikiting storytelling at the MIBF tomorrow... yes, a Tablet with HDMI just may be in our future. It may be a useful tool in homeschooling, after all.

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