Monday, September 5, 2011

Resistant to New Phones

I still have my Smart phone, bought 2005.

And I am still actively using my Sun phone, changed in 2007, I think.

I have had many opportunities to change phones. In fact, I have two other more hi-tech phones that are just gathering dust here in the house. But I am resistant to changing phones... mainly because I dislike transferring cell numbers (for cases wherein you can't migrate all of your contact info) and because I save text messages. Plus, I really don't think I need something high-end since I mostly really just text, seldom use my phone to take pictures and really don't want to invite more internet time in my life by having Wifi.

So, my Sun phone currently has some 1,000 messages in it that I am holding onto. But hubs, out of frustration from having lost his own Sun phone, got me a new one instead. He said it's time for me to finally have my own Android phone (if only to play Angry Birds in) and master using touch screen tenchnology.


So, now, he has the assignment of looking for a software so I can at least save my text messages as document files...


But I guess it IS time to make that change.

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