Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birthdays Done, Birthdays Due

My birthday happened without fuss nor fanfare.

Yakob's was spent at the Disney LIVE show and a weekend at my in-laws.

It was relatively a quiet week, and Yakee is a little richer in toys, I, in fabric.

Now, I am gearing up for last minute shuffling of expenses for the birthday party in November. After I finish all the things I have to buy for my sister and my Mom, I hope to finally shoot the photos I'd need and use for the invites and tarp... and have those sent out/printed.

And then I will track the street sellers I want to contract for the party, to save some money and get the products I really want.

And I will finalize my wardrobe (naks) :)

And I need to think of a nice surprise for my hubby, who is such a hardworking provider, lover, friend.

Wish me luck, energy, creativity... and always, a thankful heart.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

wishing you all the luck, energy and creativity you need! :)

and i'm looking forward to seeing the outfits you'll be making ;)

-nawie rachel-